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Spotify Mod APK unlock all premium features Spotify Premium APK for music lovers. Are you a music lover and searching for the best platform where you can listen to your favourite songs and want to avail all Premium features of Spotify Premium, then you have reached the best place.

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NameSpotify Mod Apk
PublisherSpotify In.
CategoryMusic and Podcast
RequirementAndroid 5+
Updated onOne day Ago
Mod FeaturesNo Ads/ Premium Features Unlocked

In this article, I will explain you thoroughly about Spotify Mod APK. It is a modified version of Spotify premium APK. Here, you can dive into the occasion of music and podcasts, sit back and relax with your music gadget and internet connection. You just need wear your headphones and start listening your favourite songs.

Mod info?

  • Unlocked Next Track
  • Unlocked Previous Track
  • Unlocked Seeking FWD/BWD
  • Unlocked/Able to Select Any Songs & Albums
  • Unlocked Repeat Once/All
  • Unlocked Shuffle
Spotify Mod APK

Now the question arises: why would you choose the Spotify Mod APK? The answer is when you want to navigate through music tracks, you can just skip 6 songs every hour. You also have to bear frustrating advertisements in Spotify’s free version of this wonderful app.

We take great care of our visitors who download Spotify Mod APK from our website. We check each APK file with every new mod version and ensure that it is 100% safe and virus-free. Our IT professionals do a proper investigation of the mod app before uploading it on the website. So you can download, install and enjoy the premium features of the Spotify premium APK.

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Why Spotify Mod APK?

 This modded version offers you the fully unlocked premium features of premium Spotify Premium APK without spending a single penny. By using this modified version, you can navigate as many songs as you want and you have also not to bear the boring and frustrating ads. This exceptional music app offers you thousands of songs from your favourite artists on this planet.

 You can also experience many interesting and informative podcast sessions. You can find all these features in this free, fully modified version of the Spotify Premium APK. The following are the main features that make Spotify the best music app:

Massive music library

 Spotify boasts over 80 million songs, ensuring you’ll find something for every taste and mood.

Personalized recommendations

 Spotify’s algorithms suggest new music based on your listening habits, helping you discover hidden gems and expand your musical horizons.

Podcasts gallery

 Beyond music, Spotify offers a vast library of podcasts on various topics.

Offline listening

 Download your favourite songs and podcasts for offline listening, perfect for commutes, flights, or anywhere without an internet connection.

Create playlists

 Organize your music by mood and share and collaborate on playlists with friends and family.

High-Quality Audio

 Spotify offers various audio quality options, from standard to lossless, ensuring you hear your music the way it’s meant to be heard.

High-Quality Audio

 Follow friends and see what they’re listening to. Even you can share your favourite songs, playlists and podcasts with them.

Active Seek Bar

 You can search or navigate your favourite songs. You can forward and rewind the songs because seek bar is active.

Spotify Canvas

 Canvas is another fantastic feature of Spotify for artists. They can embed these canvases in their album with short videos or animations and continue to play if listeners are in the playing section.

Multi-Device Compatibility

 Spotify offers different variants of the application for Android APK, Mac, and Windows operating systems. Listen seamlessly on mobile, tablet, desktop, PlayStation, Chromecast, TV, Wear OS, or any wearable device.

Diverse Genre Options

 Explore over 40 category genres, including New Releases, Charts, Workout, Pop, Hip-Hop, and many more.

Audiobooks on Spotify

 Spotify offers audiobooks, making it your one-stop destination for music, podcasts, and stories.

Podcast Subscription and Curation

  Stay up-to-date by subscribing to your favourite podcasts. Curate your podcast library by bookmarking individual episodes into playlists.

Features Of Spotify Premium Mod APK

Spotify Premium Apk Free Download

 Spotify mod APK gives you access to almost all the premium features of the Spotify Premium APK. Here we have shortlisted a few most prominent and famous features of the Spotify Mod APK:

No Ads

No Ads

Visual and Video ads are the main hurdle and frustrating for the users of the application. Mod APK offers an ad-free user experience to its users, and they can enjoy smooth music streaming without facing ads. Users can Skip all the ads, all the time, with No interruptions, just you and your music.

Unlimited Control and Features

Unlimited Control and Features

We have limited control over the free version of the Spotify app, as we cannot skip or navigate more than 6 tracks in one hour. This means we have to go through many hectic shuffles and skips. In this modified version, we don’t have to face such kind of restrictions. We can skip or navigate as many songs as we want.

No Ads

Download Music Offline

As mentioned above, in the free version, users cannot download music for offline listening. They must have to listen to online music. But don’t worry, this moded version of Spotify gives you the opportunity to download music and listen to it offline, and you don’t need to take a premium subscription.

Unlimited Control and Features

Need No Third Party apps

No rooting device and extra apps! This Spotify Mod APK unlocks all the features without any fuss. It runs effortlessly on your device, just like the original Spotify, without any rooting device or even installing third-party apps.

More Mod Features

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Seek the FWD button added
  • Seeking Enabled
  • Search Enabled
  • Unlimited shuffle
  • Choose any song
  • Extreme audio unlocked
  • Repeats Modes Enabled
  • Gapless Playback
  • Lyrics on Demand
  • Unlocked Collaborative Playlists
  • Unrestricted Following
  • Group Sessions
  • Songs Intro Skipping
  • Customizable Sleep Timer
  • No Forced Shuffling
  • Premium sound quality
  • Storyline Enabled
  • Support for Themes
  • Disabled/Removed Unwanted Permissions
  • Analytics/Crash Reports Disabled
  • Spotify Stories
  • Connect with Spotify Connect
  • Share songs on-demand
  • Share lyrics (only works in some countries)
  • Try the editorial mode
  • Enjoy full-screen stories
  • Log in using Facebook
  • Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi

Spotify Paid Features

Spotify Online

 This means accessing Spotify Premium APK through its website:, without downloading the app. This web player offers most of the functionalities available in the app, including music streaming, playback control, playlist creation, and recommendations. However, some features, like offline listening and high-quality audio, might be limited or unavailable.

Download Music Offline

The premium version provides you the opportunity not only to listen to online music but you can also to download a whole playlist (limited to 3333 tracks) and listen offline.

Best Sound Quality

The premium version of Spotify offers three audio qualities: low, high and extreme. Extreme audio quality level is the premium level in which music is played at 320kbps so that users can experience more enjoyment and feel pleasure.

No more annoying ads

Forget ad breaks and annoying commercials! With Spotify Premium, you’re the master of your music universe. Music lovers can enjoy break and ad-free music.

Play Any Soundtrack

The free version does not give you control to skip the sound tracks, and listeners have to listen to those songs that are not of their choice. But in the paid version, listeners have full control to skip one or more soundtracks and listen to any soundtrack.

Seeking Enabled

Seeking Bar is enabled in the premium version of the Spotify app. Listeners can browse, select and run any soundtrack or podcast of their choice. They can rewind and forward the soundtrack

Save Storage Space

You can listen to soundtracks and podcasts online from a Spotify server when you have an internet facility. You don’t need to download audio files on your device. In this way, you can save a lot of storage space on your devices.


RADAR is a special playlist designed for those who are interested in unique content ( songs and podcasts). It is the busiest section for all the artists.

Spotify Blend

Spotify Blend is a social playlist feature that combines the music tastes of you and up to 9 friends into a single, shared playlist. Spotify analyzes your listening habits and those of your chosen friends, then blends them to create a playlist reflecting everyone’s preferences.

Spotify Barcode

Spotify Codes, often referred to as Spotify barcodes, are scannable images that provide a quick and convenient way to share and access music, podcasts, playlists, and profiles on Spotify.

Here’s how they work:

  • Find the item you want to share (song, album, playlist, artist, or podcast).
  • Tap the three dots icon and select “Share” or “Copy Spotify URI.”
  • The code will appear as a pattern of black bars and dots resembling a barcode.
No Ads

Spotify Group Sessions

Spotify Group Sessions, formerly known as Spotify Jams, is a cool feature that lets you listen to music and podcasts synchronously with your friends, even if they’re not physically present with you. It’s like a virtual listening party where everyone can jam out to the same tunes in real time.

Unlimited Control and Features

Spotify Kids

Spotify Kids is a dedicated app within the Spotify ecosystem designed for children aged 3-12. It provides a safe and curated listening environment filled with kid-friendly content, including: Handpicked content: Editors carefully select music, podcasts, and audiobooks appropriate for different age groups.

No Ads

Spotify Refund

Spotify also has a refund policy. Users may get a refund for their money under the following circumstances:

Accidental subscription

If you subscribed accidentally or without realizing it, you can usually get a refund within 14 days of the purchase.

Unlimited Control and Features

Spotify Customer Service

If you are facing any issues while installing, downloading, searching, account suspension, premium package renewal or any difficulty related to the Spotify music app, then you may contact Spotify Customer Service. Their team members assist you in overcoming the problem.

More Premium Features

  • Podcast Audio Enhancement via Filtering Out Noise
  • View Lyrics & Stories
  • Search Enabled
  • Unlimited shuffle
  • Track Live Shows
  • Repeats Modes Enabled
  • Powerful Music-Discovery Tools
  • Spotify’s AI-powered DJ
  • Spotify’s Sound Quality
  • Spotify Global Charts
  • Spotify Hi-Fi
  • Live Events and virtual concerts
  • Spotify Connect
  • Spotify Billion Club
  • Share songs on-demand
  • Spotify Discover Weekly
  • Spotify Daily Mixes
  • Spotify Curated Playlists

Spotify Premium APK VS Spotify Mod

Spotify Paid Features
Spotify Premium Apk
List of Spotify Premium Apk Features

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is an annual campaign by Spotify that allows users to see a personalized look back at their listening habits over the past year. It’s released early December and becomes a highly anticipated event, with people sharing their stats on social media.

Most-streamed artists

Spotify Wrapped is an annual campaign by Spotify that allows users to see a personalized look back at their listening habits over the past year. It’s released early December and becomes a highly anticipated event, with people sharing their stats on social media.

Top Songs

The songs you streamed the most.

Top Podcasts

The podcasts you listened to the most (unique listeners, not total minutes).

Top Genres

The genres you listened to the most.

Listening Moods

Fun stats describing your listening patterns, like “Early Morning Enthusiast” or “Workout Warrior.”

Additional stats and quizzes

Depending on the year, there might be new features like personalized playlists, comparisons to other users, or trivia quizzes based on your listening habits.

Popular Spotify Podcasts

  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Code Switch
  • Call Her Daddy
  • Murder, Mystery & Makeup
  • Crime Junkie
  • Dr. Death
  • The Daily
  • History Hyenas
  • Office Ladies
  • Spotify Global Charts
  • This American Life
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • SmartLess
  • Revisionist History
  • Ologies
  • Dead Meat
  • Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend
  • Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

This is the list of a few popular Spotify podcasts. There are a large number of podcasts that are more popular, but their popularity depends upon the location and interest of the audience. 

Spotify Equalizer

The Spotify equalizer is a tool within the app that allows you to customize the sound of your music and podcasts. It works by adjusting the levels of different frequency bands, affecting the bass, treble, and other elements of the audio.

Features of Spotify Equalizer


The app offers built-in presets like Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical, and more, each with a pre-configured curve for specific genres.

Manual adjustment

You can also fine-tune the sound manually by sliding the sliders for six frequency bands: 60Hz, 150Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 2.4kHz, and 15kHz. Each band focuses on specific parts of the audio spectrum – for example, 60Hz affects the deep bass, while 15kHz affects the high-pitched cymbals and vocals.

Flat Setting

There’s also a Flat preset that resets the equalizer to its default, neutral state.


The equalizer is available on most versions of the Spotify app, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. However, it’s not currently available on the Mac version.

Spotify Vs Other Music Streaming Apps

Spotify is a really popular app for listening to music. It has lots of cool features for enjoying your favourite songs. You can listen to millions of songs, albums, and playlists from your favourite artists. The app helps you find new music with special playlists and suggestions personalized just for you. Spotify is also social, so you can follow your friends and see what music they like. You can even save music to listen to offline when you don’t have internet. Besides music, Spotify has podcasts and audiobooks too.

You can make your experience better by adjusting sound quality and making your playlists. If you want more, there’s a premium subscription that gives you extra perks like no ads, better sound, and the ability to download music for offline listening. All in all, Spotify is a great way to enjoy your favourite music and discover new tunes. It’s the top choice for streaming music because of its huge music library, social features, customization, and the extra benefits of a premium subscription.

Spotify Alternatives

In this digital era, everyone has a lot of choices to choose from. Similarly, there are different live music streaming apps and websites that give different features to their users. Each plate form has its strengths and weaknesses. Here, we will give you a short list of Spotify alternatives:

No Ads

Spotify Vs SoundCloud

Ideal for discovering new music with a vast community of independent artists and producers. Notably, SoundCloud is almost free.

Unlimited Control and Features

Spotify Vs Apple Music

Perfect for Apple users due to seamless integration with other Apple devices and services. It offers an extensive music library, including exclusive content from Apple Music artists.

No Ads

Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Suitable for existing YouTube users, allowing access to music videos, live performances, and regular audio tracks

Unlimited Control and Features

Spotify Vs Amazon Music

A good choice for Amazon Prime members, featuring a free tier with access to millions of songs. It offers a paid tier with extra features like high-quality audio streaming and offline listening.

No Ads

Spotify Vs Deezer

Despite being less known, it’s worth considering for features like high-resolution audio and the ability to create custom radio stations.

Unlimited Control and Features

Spotify Vs Tidal

Recommended for audiophiles due to high-fidelity audio streaming. It includes exclusive content from popular artists.

No Ads

Spotify Vs Pandora

Ideal for personalized radio stations, allowing users to skip tracks and create custom stations.

Unlimited Control and Features

Spotify Vs Bandcamp

A good option for supporting independent artists by enabling the purchase and direct download of music.

Premium Spotify and Free Spotify Version

Spotify Freemium Version

  • Unimited listening time
  • Provides basic set of features
  • Frequent Ads Appear
  • No download for offline
  • Soundtrack quality is 128Kbps
  • Maximum 6 songs shuffles per hour
  • The music repeat option is locked
  • Option to seek, rewind, and forward soundtracks is Locked

Spotify Mod APK Version

  • Unlimited High quality listening time
  • Provides access to all the features
  • No advertisement or No Ads
  • Download for offline listening
  • Soundtrack quality is 1320Kbps
  • Unlimited songs shuffles per hour
  • The music repeat option is unlocked
  • Option to seek, rewind, and forward soundtracks

Spotify Premium Plans and Cost

You will get all the features that are mentioned above in a premium subscription at cheaper rates, along with special discounts for students. Spotify has the following two subscription packages:

Spotify Premium for Students

Spotify has special plan for students having limited costs about $4.99 per Month. (for selective countries).

Spotify Family Plan

The Spotify Family plan offers a reduced-rate subscription tailored for groups of up to 6 individuals residing at the same address. It’s an excellent choice for families or groups seeking to experience the full advantages of Spotify Premium at a lower cost(16.99$ per Month). This plan provides individual accounts along with certain shared features, presenting a budget-friendly solution for enjoying ad-free and unrestricted music streaming.

Spotify Premium Duo

Spotify offers a “Spotify premium Duo” plan for two persons who are living at one home address. The subscription cost is only 12.99 $ per Month. All the features, like individual Spotify plans, are offered in this plan. The only difference is that both individuals who are sharing this Duo plan must have their own individual Spotify accounts. 

Spotify Premium Free Trial

If you’ve never tried Premium before, you could get a free or cheaper trial. To sign up, enter a valid payment method – we use it to confirm where you are and charge you if you decide to keep Premium after the trial. We’ll remind you a week before the trial ends. Remember, there are rules based on your country, and there are terms to follow.

Spotify Premium Free lifetime

No, There is no such offer available to get Spotify premium free lifetime package. You are just eligible for a free premium package for 3 months if you have not availed of this offer before or you don’t have a premium subscription.

Spotify Countries

Spotify is available in a whopping 184 countries around the world, making it one of the most widely accessible music streaming services on the planet. This means music lovers from nearly every corner of the globe can tap into the platform’s vast library of millions of songs, podcasts, and personalized playlists.

However, there are still some notable exceptions where Spotify hasn’t yet launched, such as China and North Korea. Additionally, some countries have limited functionality due to local regulations or licensing restrictions.

How To Install & Use Spotify Mod Apk

Installing the Spotify Mod APK is pretty straightforward and does not require any technical knowledge. You follow the given step-by-step procedure to install this music app:

Step 1

The first and most important task is to find the most secure and reliable source to download the Spotify mod APK file on your Android device. We make this task easy for you; click on the download button that is provided at the start of the article. This Spotify mod apk file is properly scanned and can be installed without any risk.

Step 2

Enable Unknown Sources: Access settings >Go to your device’s Settings app>· Security settings> Navigate to the Security or Privacy settings.>· Unknown Sources: Locate the option for “Unknown Sources” or “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”>enable it. This allows you to install apps from sources other than the official Google Play Store.

Allow Installation From Unknown Sources

Step 3

Now locate the downloaded file through the file manager. It is usually present in the download folder.

Step 4

Now tap the Spotify mod APK file, and the install process will be initiated. Now, follow the prompts one by one and complete the installation process.

Step 5

After installation, the Spotify mod APK icon will appear on your device, among other apps. Now run and enjoy your favourite music.

Spotify Premium Mod APK Screenshots

Spotify Wrapped
Pros & Cons

Premium Features Not Working

If premium features are not working after installing the Spotify mod apk, then try these methods to fix the issues:

  1. Uninstall the original version of the application.
  2. Click the Download button that is provided above on this website.
  3. Login with a new email address other than registered on the original app.

If the problem is still not solved, then further perform the following tasks:

a. Stop the app forcefully, clear the cache and reopen the app.

Limitations of Using Spotify Mod APK

Using Spotify Mod APK can give you an amazing music experience, but there are a few things you should know:

Limited Availability

 Spotify Premium might not be available everywhere, depending on where you are. So, not everyone can use it.

DRM Restrictions

 The music you download with Spotify Premium has some rules (DRM restrictions). This means you might not be able to play it on all devices or platforms.

Limited Catalog

 Even though Spotify has a lot of music, some artists might decide not to share their music. This could affect your ability to find all your favourite songs.

Internet Dependency

  While you can download songs with Spotify Premium, you still need the internet to use the app. This might be a problem if you’re in an area with a bad internet connection.

Pros & Cons of Spotify APK


  • Ad-free music: Enjoy uninterrupted listening without any annoying commercials.
  • Play any song, album, or playlist whenever you want, without restrictions.
  • Enjoy your music even without an internet connection.
  • Choose from high-quality or extreme-quality audio for a richer listening experience.
  • Skip any song you don’t like as many times as you want.
  • Create your playlists, save songs, and follow artists.


  • you are unable to find a reliable source for downloading Spotify Mod APK, then your device data may be lost. That’s why download the apk file from a reliable source like this []
  • There are limited features available on mobile devices.
  • All Unlocked features in the premium apk are not accessible in all countries. That’s why you have to use VPNs.
  • Live Radio streaming is not available in the free mod version.
  • The variation between Frequent updates of Spotify premium versions and Spotify premium mod apk may cause compatibility issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

The modded version offers you the fully unlocked premium features of Premium Spotify without spending a single penny. You can enjoy all the paid features of the Premium Spotify app.

Yes, Spotify Mod APK is safe and secure because we have fully examined the apk file before uploading it on the website. This is very important for the listeners to find secure and reliable mod APK files so that their devices and data remain safe. You can download and enjoy the spotify premium features without facing any risk. 

You can easily download the latest Spotify premium APK version from [] because we upload the latest version when a new version of Spotify launches on the Google Play Store.

This is the most straightforward way. Type the name of the artist, song, podcast, or even keywords related to what you’re looking for.

No, There is no specific Spotify premium APK version available for iPhone/iPad. If someone claims that they have an apk premium file for iPhone/iPad, they are making you a fool. You can download and install the Spotify app from the Apple App Store.

Follow the following procedure to cancel the Spotify premium subscription plan:

Login to “Your Account” on Spotify’s website (not the app)>Under “Your Plan,” click “Change Plan” and choose “Spotify Free.”>Confirm your cancellation, and enjoy ad-free listening until your current billing cycle ends

To permanently delete your Spotify account, you’ll need to visit the Spotify website, not the app. Here’s how:

1.   Log in to your account: Go to and sign in with your credentials.

2.   Navigate to Account Closure: Scroll down to the “Account” section and click on “I want to close my account.”

3.   Confirm Closure: Click on the “Close my account” button and follow the prompts to finalize the process.

4.   Check Email Confirmation: An email will be sent to verify your account closure. Click the link in the email to delete your account and all associated data permanently.

Spotify doesn’t officially offer a “lifetime” Premium subscription. Spotify’s business model relies on monthly or yearly subscriptions for its Premium service. There’s no official way to pay for it once and enjoy it forever.

Not directly! Spotify doesn’t accept individual music uploads. You’ll need to go through a music distributor to get your music on Spotify and other streaming platforms. They handle the uploading process and licensing fees.

Yes, you can easily access to artist account by using Spotify Premium Mod Apk.

Yes, you can get the Spotify premium app 100% free from[website Name] because we provide reliable and risk-free Spotify app files.

Ad blockers typically don’t block Spotify ads effectively or consistently because Ad blockers are primarily designed to block visual ads on websites, not audio ads within apps like Spotify.


 We Offer information in good faith and for general purposes but with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, or reliability. You use it at your own risk. They won’t be responsible for any damage or loss arising from using their info. They provide links to other websites, but they don’t control their content or quality. They strive to choose good links, but things can change, and bad links might appear before they’re removed. When you leave [], other websites have their privacy policies and terms of service