Choose The Best Streaming App :Spotify vs Apple Music

In the age of digital music, choosing the right streaming App can feel overwhelming. Two main players dominate the scene: Spotify and Apple Music. Both offer millions of songs, personalized playlists, and the ability to listen offline. But which one App supreme? This article dives deep into the features, functionalities, and hidden details of Spotify vs Apple Music, enable you to pick the perfect choice for you.

Spotify VS Apple Music
Apple Music
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Spotify VS Apple Music

It is difficult to choose the best streaming app between Spotify and Apple Music. This choice depends on various factors, such as Subscription cost, Number of playlists, Quality, User Experience, Availability, and many others. This article will help users make their choices by considering some of the most important factors.

Spotify VS Apple Music: Cross-Compatibility and Audiobooks

Spotify takes the lead here. The Spotify app is available on virtually any device imaginable, from smartphones and tablets to computers, gaming consoles, and smart speakers. Apple Music is primarily designed for Apple devices, although it’s also available on Android and some smart speakers.

Spotify VS Apple Music: Music Library and Audio Quality

Music Library

Both Spotify and Apple Music boast massive music libraries, each exceeding 80 million songs. You’ll likely find all your favorite artists and genres on either platform. Apple Music might hold a slight edge in total song count(Above 100 million Songs), but for most users, the difference is negligible.

Audio Quality

This is where Apple Music takes the lead. Apple Music offers lossless audio streaming, delivering crystal-clear sound comparable to CDs. Spotify Premium offers “very high” quality, which is good, but not quite audiophile-grade.

Spotify VS Apple Music: Price and Availability

Free vs Paid

Both platforms offer free, ad-supported tiers. However, the free Spotify experience is riddled with ads and limited features. Apple Music’s free tier is even more restrictive. To unlock the full potential, you’ll need to subscribe to their paid plans.

Subscription Plans

Both Spotify and Apple Music offer individual, student, and family plans subscription plans. Prices are nearly identical, with individual plans around $10.99 per month. Spotify offers a Duo plan for couples, which Apple Music lacks.


This depends on your priorities. For pure music discovery and a user-friendly interface, Spotify might be the better value, especially with the Duo plan. Apple Music shines for those who prioritize high-quality audio and deep integration within the Apple ecosystem.

Spotify VS Apple Music: User Interface and Features

User Interface: Spotify boasts a clean, user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate. Apple Music’s interface can be a bit cluttered for new users, especially when switching between music and other Apple services.

Features: Both platforms offer personalized playlists, curated radio stations, and the ability to create your own playlists. Spotify excels in music discovery with features like “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar,” suggesting new music based on your listening habits. Apple Music integrates well with other Apple products and offers live radio stations with human DJs on Beats 1.

Spotify vs Apple Music: Key Facts Breakdown

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key facts to help you decide which streaming App is right for you:

Music Library

  • Apple Music: Over 100 million songs (including classical music on Apple Music Classical app)
  • Spotify: Over 80 million songs (plus 2.6 million podcasts)

Audio Quality

  • Apple Music: Wins with lossless and spatial audio (Dolby Atmos) support.
  • Spotify: Offers good quality streaming, but lower than Apple Music. HiFi tier with lossless audio is rumored but not yet available.

Cloud Storage

  • Apple Music:  iCloud Music Library lets you access your own music collection.
  • Spotify: Allows uploading your own MP3s for listening within the app.


  • Apple Music:  : Limited to Apple devices for full functionality (browser access available).
  • Spotify: Wider availability across devices including phones, tablets, computers, game consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, older Xbox One & PS4) and smartwatches (Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, Wear OS).

Playlists and Curated Content

  • Apple Music:  : 24/7 radio station with human DJs
  • Spotify: Uses AI for a “live radio” experience with personalized commentary (Spotify DJ).

Social Media Support

  • Apple Music:  : Limited social media integration, allows sharing playlists with other users and creating content links.
  • Spotify:Wins with easy sharing features for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and custom Spotify Codes.


  • Apple Music:  :Considered slightly outdated with a light and bright interface.
  • Spotify: Updated UI with a focus on video content and podcasts (March 2023).


  • Free Tier: Spotify offers a free ad-supported tier, Apple Music doesn’t.
  • Paid Tiers: Both cost $10.99 per month for individuals (student discounts available). Apple Music offers more features (lossless & spatial audio) for the same price

Apple Music vs Spotify Scorecard

FeaturesApple MusicSpotifyWinner
Music Library SizeOver 100 million songs (with Classical music app)Over 80 million songs (with podcasts)Apple Music
Audio QualityLossless & Spatial AudioHigh Quality (HiFi tier coming soon?)Apple Music
Cloud StorageiCloud Music LibraryUpload MP3s for in-app listeningApple Music
AvailabilityPrimarily Apple devices (browser access available)Wider range of devices (including consoles & smartwatches)Spotify
Playlists & CurationPersonalized playlists & recommendations, Apple Music 1 radioPersonalized playlists & recommendations, Spotify DJ (AI-powered “live radio”)Tie
Social Media SupportLimited (sharing playlists & content links)Extensive (sharing across platforms & Spotify Codes)Spotify
DesignLight & bright interface (considered slightly outdated)Updated UI with video & podcast focusSpotify
Free TierNoYes (ad-supported)Spotify
Paid Tier Price$10.99/month (individual)$10.99/month (individual)Tie
Value for Paid TierMore features (lossless & spatial audio)Free tier availableApple Music


The best service depends on your individual needs and priorities. Consider the factors mentioned above to make an informed decision!